3 Reflections²

Institute of Contemporary Art (London)

3 hrs

Voice, Live recorded sound, Revolving platform, Tattoo kit, Body Jewellery, Mirrored fetish hood, Black lycra bondage hood, Black lace fetish hood, Soil, Candles, Tin bowl, Matches, Fire, Chrome cock cage, Lighter fluid, Wall mirror

"This work seeps slowly, requesting patience, reflection, vision & vulnerability from both you and I. Repetitive actions loop on themselves again and again. Across three hours; three full cycles will be completed. Voice, light, language, adornment and a breaking of the skin; will be used in an attempt to temporarily bridge interiority and exteriority, the proximate and distant - the past, present & future. Alone, together - .ɿoɿɿim ɿυoγ mɒ I"

Photographic Documentation: Zack Mennell. Video Documentation: Baiba Sprance and Marco Berardi. Written Documentation: Daniela Valz Gen (available here). 3 Reflections² was commissioned by FUTURERITUAL for the Institute of Contemporary Arts. With support from Ash McNaughton and in collaboration with Ant The Elder.