B.Sebastian & A.Radage

VSSL Studio (London)

Joint Exhibition

Alicia Radage, Benjamin Sebastian 

“While distinct in formal approaches, their practices enact a convergence at the thresholds of esoteric, spiritual and more-or-other-than-human domains and utterances. The exhibition will showcase existing works by Radage and Sebastian, presented in dialogue with each other to reveal the underlying connections between their practices. The show's curatorial approach seeks to highlight the artists shared interest in alternative ontologies and their ongoing exploration of more-or-other-than-human perspectives. Through this joint exhibition, Radage and Sebastian invite audiences on a journey to reimagine our relationships with the seen and un-seen (as well as known and unknown) world(s), so that we may continue to consider alternative ways of being.”

Curated by VSSL Studio. Video & photographic Documentation by Baiba Sprance and Marco Berardi. Written Documentation by Lisa Slominski. With curatorial support from Ash McNaughton and Mine Kaplangi. Funded by Arts Council England.