VSSL Studio (London)

Group Exhibition

Alicia Radage, Benjamin Sebastian, Rocío Boliver, June Lam, Marcin Gawin 
FACET serves as a window into the non-homogeneity of expanded queer experience, allowing for multifaceted readings of contemporary LGBTQIA* life, expression & identification. Through a variety of mediums such as performance (to camera), sculpture, video, photography, and installation - 
the exhibition offers a comprehensive and captivating look into the breadth of artistic approaches explored across VSSL Studios greater exhibition programme of 2023/24, showcasing the unique perspectives of each participating artist and the interconnectedness expanded queer experiences.

Curated by VSSL Studio. Video & photographic Documentation by Baiba Sprance and Marco Berardi. Curatorial support from Ash McNaughton and Mine Kaplangi. Funded by Arts Council England.