VSSL Studio
- was co-founded in 2020 by Benjamin SebastianJoseph Morgan Schofield and activated in 2021 with the gallery’s inaugural public programme; ‘Gathering in a Time of Plague, funded by Arts Council England and co-curated by the galleries founders. In 2023 VSSL secured its’ second Arts Council England grant to deliver; ‘FACET’, curated by Benjamin Sebastian and produced by Ash McNaughton & Mine Kaplangi.

A place of gathering and creation, VSSL is a not-for-profit artistic studio and gallery housing multiple artists and projects - a site for artistic production and engagement, dedicated to the holding and nurturing of contemporary (queer) visual art and its’ satellites.

VSSL is a queer-led organisation centering queer artistic practice.

]performance s p a c e [
- was co-founded in 2011 by Benjamin Sebastian & Bean with the mission: ‘to nurture the prime conditions for performance art(ists) in the U.K.’ 

Sebastian continues as a founding director alongside ]ps[ associate director; Ash McNaughton.

]ps[ is regularly funded by Arts Council England, most recently in 2021 for the organisations 10th anniversary programme; ‘PSX: A Decade of Performance Art in the U.K.’.

]performance s p a c e [ is a queer led organisation that aims to:

... nurture the prime conditions for performance art(ists) in the U.K. We are commit­ted to supporting challenging and difficult practices that embrace performance art as an ever-evolving medium.

Becoming Constellation
- was initiated in 2016 by Benjamin Sebastian as an ever evolving / incompletable, transmedial artwork and exhibition. 

Encompassing sigil craft, tattooing, visual art exhibition & a continually growing collaborator set; Becoming Constellation seeks to map queer narrative production across people, geographies and time. Collaborators to date include:

Fabiola Paz,
Dani de’Emilia,
Ryan Burke,
JD Melling,
Keoui Keijaun Thomas,
Alicia Radage,
Andre Braga Verissimo,
Joseph Morgan Schofield,
Matteo Cortés,
Jade Montserrat
and Esther Neff

becoming constellation